Wherever you are, we send you our solutions to return to the stage with the best possible safety guarantees.

We are chemists, we are biologists, we are engineers and we are musicians and we are working to improve the safety of the cultural sector with unique solutions.

We know the enormous effort you are making to make culture safe and we want to help you protect your operators, technicians, managers, bands, orchestras, choirs and, of course, your audience.

In a context of cumulative measures, we can provide you with a comprehensive strategy that combines everything from environment control to the security of rehearsals or measures for the attendance of the public.

We would like to put at your disposal all our experience of the last year in theaters all over Europe.

Sanimusic is a project in solidarity with culture. All the benefits are destined to guide young musicians in the delicate moment of professionalization through the Fundación Partitura y Territorio.


We'd be happy to talk to you for anything we can help you with - cheers and keep the music going!

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