What do we at SANIMUSIC think of the non-mandatory use of masks indoors?

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This is a question that you are asking us many and that everyone is surprised by the answer we give.That’s why we wanted to put it here, because the answer is very simple and simple and it’s that!...

Finally we are going forward and taking steps in what, for many, have been the rarest years of our lives. But is this measure enough?Here we know that not.It still lacks a lot. The obligation will be removed, but its use is still recommended.So, have the masks changed in exchange for what?what has changed so they can be removed? We will not go into what the pandemic has supposed or value the impact of the pandemic because there are a thousand circumstances and cases, which if we can say is that being over thirty years in the musical associative sector we knew that the culture would be of the most forgotten.  In fact, we are not wrong.Many will remember that we were of the last to whom it was allowed to essay and go to our musical entities, and don’t say about concerts and afores.

We are chemicals,  the biologists,  engineers and musicians wanted to work improve the security of the cultural sector with unique solutions we noticed that they were not in the market.No one had thought that musical instruments that are shared in the vast majority of our schools should not only be cleaned, but also disinfected.In the study we conducted and published in August 2020 whose title is “Sing, dancing and making music with wind instruments in the safest way possible in front of COVID-19.pdf we already indicate how hard it was to find (it was impossible because there was no) some indication for the disinfection of musical instruments by the instruments manufacturers themselves and in the online stores.

That’s why we decant to create the SANIMUSIC brand, a corporate social responsibility project, which has always had no profit we aim to make the culture and, in particular, the musical activity safer for our people as are operari@s, technic@s, regidor@s, bands, orchestras, corals, other artistic agrupaciones, and of course, our public.

Through the whole a range of cumulative measures we are creating and putting into the marketDesinfectants, Mask for instruments, specific for singers, Measurement of CO2, air purificators, control of accessWe have been able to help several hundred entities and have presence in Operas y Teatros de España y parte de Europa.

But now what?

Scientific evidence does not advise the situation of removing the masks and less if there is no pair of air quality control.In fact, in many areas they are still manined. We are aware that this pandemic has highlighted that we have neglected the air quality of our interiors and that there are other diseases that are also transmitted by the air, such as the flu, which have been seen reduced to a 96.4% indicate from Healthcare in the Valencian Community (see article from EL PAIS “The masks against covid fulmin the flu” of March 14, 2022).

Measurement of CO2

We depend on each other and it is that, apart from being what we eat and drink, we are also what we breathe. We live in closed spaces in band, orchestra or chorus trial rooms or in smaller classrooms in instrument classes where teacher/a and student/a must be closed in order not to interrupt counter classrooms.In those spaces we breathe the air that has been exhaled by other peopleThe.There are simple and cheap solutions to protect us from these harmful aerosols as Mask for instruments, specific for singers, Measurement of CO2.

It is very surprising that a cheap measure and that science advocates as effective to measure air quality has not been put as a primary measure to the current situation.  “The virus will not disappear from night to morning.Instead, the new word of fashion to which we will have to get used to is "endemia", which means that the covid, without a doubt, came to stay.» (See the BBC article) Covid: what is an endemic, what is different from the pandemic and how it reaches this stage of 4 february 2022)

It is important that users understand and get used to the measurement of CO2 to ensure the quality of the air in the interior.Measurement should be simple and to everyone’s sight. Here are the recommendations of the WHO.We must remember that in our musical activity, either by the action of singing or playing an instrument, we emite to the atmosphere a greater number of drops and aerosols.

How do we start?

We facilitate this free PDF document you can measure CO2 in your activity.In it you will see all the steps to follow to perform a good air quality control in the areas where you do your activity.(Please in

our email by ccx@sanimusic.net

With the CO2 measurement we will observe the accumulation of possible harmful aerosols and we will be able to act to reduce them (through ventilation, air purificatorsthe extraction of air.It is important to know that the measurement, indicated in ppm (parts per million) does not indicate the number of viruses that are in the environment, but that at higher concentration of CO2, the risk of contagion is greater in case someone is infected.

In addition, with the measurement system we will be more efficient by not overwintering the stays, which can carry more electric costs, such as heating and air conditioning, according to the season of the year and we will avoid downs by health, which is the most important thing for our people and to continue with the musical activity.

Finally, we put you this phrase that invites to reflection: “Dirty water is not, why dirty air is it?”

If you have any doubts or need help or advice, we leave you our contact phone and whatsapp +34 722 47 22 33 and our email by ccx@sanimusic.net

We are in contact for whatever we can help you,
May you be healthy and the music continue!

*Sanimusic it is a non-profit brand.All the profits of the brand go to Mediterranean Society and Culture www.msc.com.es

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