Steps to have classes, rehearsals and performances controlling air quality

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It is necessary to ventilate, but how and for how long?CO2 is the most important indicator when controlling air quality.A high concentration of CO2 indicates that the air we breathe has already been exhaled by other people.Take note and follow these simple steps to improve the air quality in your activity.

CO2 is the most important indicator when controlling air quality.A high concentration of CO2 indicates that the air we breathe has already been exhaled by other people.SanisCO2 informs us of the possible accumulation of harmful aerosols, improving safety in shared air spaces and minimizing the risks of contagion among people in interior environments.

Take note and follow our recommendations to know how to improve air quality in our activity.

by SanisCO2The.Activate the Bluetooth connection on the mobile or tablet.Check that the SanisCO2 meter is fitted to the mobile or current. Open the application and get the measurements.

Do measurements in a portable way. In the first uses, it is convenient to perform several measurements in different areas of the same stay to observe the accumulations of CO2 where they are being produced.Facilitate the meter to teachers so that they can point the measurements and know what air quality is.We recommend noting: Aula or area, Aforo, day, m2 and height to the roof.On the other hand, every certain time: Hour, CO2 in ppm and observations (such as instrument, age, etc.)

Place the meter well. The meter should be located away from ventilation entrances (such as doors or windows).In small rooms it is convenient to put it at a height of 1.5m.  and never under air conditioning or ventilator.In large rooms it is recommended that you can put as much in the center as possible, if the circumstances allow it.

Ventile the stay. It is convenient to ventilate the area before and after each use.If the measurement is greater than 1,000 ppm, it is convenient to force the ventilation or clean the area to renew the air.You can check the measurement with the window or door open.Sometimes this gesture is enough.Remember also that air purificators will not reduce the CO2 load in the environment, but if they filter viral particles in the air (HEPA 13 and 14 filters).

Continue the activity. It is factible that different values are obtained according to the age of the attendants, the music instrument, the afore, the climate, etc.Take decisions.Use the system sanisCO2 to know when to ventilate the stay and thus maintain your activity and improve safety


Remember that the use of the CO2 measurement does not exempt you from taking other measures established by the public body of your locality.It keeps the safety distance of 1.5 m and the formation in break.  It uses masks to sing and, as instruments are a prolongation of ourselves, it uses funds for instrument bell.



If you want to know what is the meter to buy to be able to make the measurements and maintain the air quality we provide the link of our models.Its measurement has been validated through an accredited laboratory.

By SanisCo2 Lite It has the sensor so that you can carry out the measurements portably using the control app for Android and IOS

SanisCO2 Tablet 10” – All the benefits of the sensor along with a 10-inch Tablet so you can share the data.

SanisCO2 Display 17” – The sensor next to a 17" display that once inflated into the light will be facilitating the measurements automatically and constantly to all the people present in the stay, testing room,.



It is necessary to ventilate, but how and for how long?Consult us and we will advise you to get a personalized study of the area where you do the activity.

If you need advice and documentation to check and analyze stays you can contact us at mail or at phone/whatsapp +34 722 47 22 33

Download the "5 Steps..." in PDF format so you can have the information at the time you need it.

PDF document: 5 Steps to have classes, trials and performances controlling air quality

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